Helping Carfolio

So you've come to and realised that there must be ways in which people can help. In this section we will detail what you can do to help us, if you can.

Point out errors

These specifications are totally meaningless if they contain too many inaccuracies and errors. It is perhaps aiming a little too high to want a 100% error-free database, but the closer we can get to that the better for everyone. Please feel free to point out errors or even just query certain specs, and our researchers will hunt down the truth as near as we can and fix any problems that may exist.

Add information has the ambition of getting every single road-legal production car ever produced into the database, as well as every single prototype ever shown by a major manufacturer. This is a lofty goal, and there are obvious difficulties in collecting all the information. So if you have the specs for a car that you can't see in the database, submit them please. If it turns out that it is already there, no harm done. Please do quote your sources and make sure that you include all the specifications you can. If you prefer to scan your source in, please do so and mail it directly to, just please do mention your source. No submissions will be accepted without a veryfiable source.

Brochures, magazines and other literature

If you have them spare, please send along any brochures, press kits and other motoring literature, or send in scans of them for our researchers to use. Do email first though, to establish whether or not we have the item in our library, especially if you are snail-mailing items in.

Manufacturers and Owner's Clubs

Manufacturers are asked to please add's editorial team to their Press mailing lists, and also to inform us of who to contact for archival information. Owner's Clubs can also assist Carfolio by making sure all the models relevant to their marque are listed and as complete as possible.

Pictures and images

We are desperately looking for images that we can use for illustrative purposes on Please, if you have a great shot of a car, send a scan of it in and detail what credit you would like to go along with the picture, as well as a URL to link to. We won't necessarily use all images submitted, but the choice would be welcome, very welcome indeed.

Other ways to help

  • Send in an email of support to Your comments are always highly valued.
  • Tell your friends about the site. The more exposure Carfolio gets, the more likely we are to be able to continue this service.

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