How to use this site Usage Guide

In this section, you will find out all about the interesting features we've incorporated into the site for you to use. You will learn where to find information, how to find information by searching and more besides.

Finding specific cars

For starters, let's find out how to find the specifications for the Ferrari F50, one of the most exciting cars of all time. You could go about this in two ways: you could either click on the "car specs" link on the left (see it? It's just under the site logo in the top left corner), and then choose "Ferrari" from the list of manufacturers presented to you. Hint: it's a long list, so clicking F in the string of letters of the alphabet on that page will take you to the first manufacturer in the list that starts with an F.

If that is too much hassle or you can't see the link to Ferrari or you're feeling adventurous, then use the handy search facility, on the left of this page. Got it? Good. Now, to get a feel for it, type "Ferrari F50" into the search box (leaving out the quotes, they won't work!). All done? Great! Now click on the button labeled "Go" (you'll need to press your browser's "Back" button to return here though) and you will see a list of matches for your search, much like any search engine would present to you. Try a few different searches if you like. With over 15000 cars currently listed, you're bound to find something interesting in no time! Send the specs to a friend, use them on your own site (giving credit to please!) or make a link directly to the specifications from your own site.

Special Searches

The search facility we've just used has some interesting features to it. If you look below the first search box, you'll see another, slightly more complex search area. This is one of our favourite features, and you'll enjoy it too, no doubt. With this tool, you can find cars which have exceptional characteristics. You can choose to find the longest, shortest, heaviest, lightest and of course the fastest cars in the database. To use it, just select which type of special search you'd like to use from the list presented, and click on the button labeled "Go" (yes, we're full of creative label ideas here).

Go ahead, try one or two or more - exactly how fast is the fastest car in the database? Who makes it? Well, now you can find out, very easily. Again, your browser's "Back" button will bring you back here. But, that's not all. You can even perform this nifty search with your own parameters added. For instance, if you wanted to see what the fastest cars produced between 1947 and 1963 were, just enter those dates in the boxes provided and th search will be limited to only cars introduced (debuted) during that time frame.

Your Stable

Your stable section (or follow the link from the top called "Stable") allows different cars to be compared side-by-side, with specs and pictures. In order to be able to utilise this section, you need to have javascript and cookies enabled though. If you don't know what those are, don't worry about it unless it doesn't work! How the Your Stable section works is as follows: you click on the "" icons wherever you see them if you'd like to add the car to your stable. Once you have made a selection of a few car models, proceed to the Your Stable section and you will be presented with a list of the cars you chose. Select which cars you'd like to compare side-by-side and press the button labelled "Compare". It is that easy!

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