Advanced search queries

Advanced search queries

Monday April 02, 2012
This is a quick introduction to some of the more advanced ways to search for information in the database of car specifications.

To find cars that use engines made by any given manufacturer, you can use the search options page. Look for the field labelled "engine manufacturer" and type in the name of the manufacturer there. This will bring up a list of all models that we are currently aware of that use engines from that specific manufacturer.

The first thing you'll notice about the results, if you have chosen an engine manufacturer who also makes complete cars, is that their own cars appear in the result list. This is almost certainly not what you want to see, so to correct this issue, find the search option labelled "manufacturer". Change the drop-down alongside that from "contains" to "does not equal", and then type the manufacturer's name in the field to the right of that. This will exclude any cars made by that manufacturer from the results.

Here's an example: Mercedes-Benz engined cars that were not made by Mercedes-Benz.

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