About Carfolio.com

Carfolio.com is, as far as we know, the most comprehensive database of car technical specifications on the internet. It is a work-in-progress that has taken many years to compile. Currently (as of May 2017) there are over 46 000 distinct models listed in the database, from more than 1300 manufacturers. The ultimate goal is to have the specifications for every car ever produced. You too can contribute. Do you want to know how to help?

It is intended that Carfolio.com be a primary resource for automotive journalists, enthusiasts and hobbyists alike to find general technical specifications of the cars that interest them. It is also intended that the site become a focal point of community involvement with cars. We would like to see active participation from enthusiasts, manufacturers and owners' clubs. Developments are in progress to empower these groups of people to communicate effectively via this wonderful new medium without needing any technical background. Let our technical team worry about the technical issues and get your message out here.

Thank you all for visiting this site, and may it prove useful to at least a few people!